Introducing our 6-part Educational Series on Hubbell Polymer Insulators



Discover the advantages, performance, and material properties of Hubbell’s proprietary ESP™ polymer and silicone rubber high-voltage insulators commonly used in today’s power grid.

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We want to share this knowledge with you. The series includes topics that are key considerations when considering polymer insulators to meet your high voltage project needs.

Articles includes:

  1. Not all polymer is Created Equal: Discover Hubbell’s Proprietary Compounds
  2. Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators (Part 1): Compounding Silicone Rubber
  3. Silicone Compounds for High-Voltage Insulators (Part 2): HPS Testing of Silicone Compounds
  4. Hubbell’s Proprietary ESP™ Polymer Explained
  5. Why Hubbell Quadri*Sil® Insulators Provide Longer Life
  6. Considerations for Insulator Equivalence: Polymer Versus Porcelain